custom web design

that blends creativity and functionality

We design websites that give you all the feels, but also operate seamlessly so your brain can focus on the stuff that matters. We want to make the techiest of the techies applaud so much their hands catch on fire. So let’s team up and make your brand light the way in the online world. Like a firework. Fire. Combustion.

why let shplums design your website?

we’re good
at what we do

Our squad of digital designers, skilled developers, and coding experts join forces to create an awesome web design experience. We ride the cutting edge by always learning and adapting to the newest design trends, so your website will be the coolest kid in the ever-changing digital playground, and your online presence will be doing hand-stands on the monkeybars or… something.

custom built
around you

A unique brand should have a unique website. Our custom-made creations reflect your brand’s vibe and speak directly to your customers. Consider Shplums to be your web design wing-people. We like to bring you attention, we want to make sure your goals are met, and we’re really fun at parties.


Because who uses computers anymore? (Unless you’re me… typing this on a computer right now.) But really – odds are, if people are looking for you, they’re looking on their phones. That’s why we design with a mobile-first approach, making sure your website looks on point no matter what kind of device your customers are using.


We want you to get discovered! We work to make sure our website designs are search-engine magnets, driving traffic to your site with the help of proven SEO practices. We also offer comprehensive SEO packages with a range of strategies tailored to your business’s unique needs. Let’s achieve search engine rankings so high that your competition has a little conniption fit.

so much

We’re ready to swoop in and save the day whenever you need us. Are we superheroes? Maybe. From answering all your questions to fixing any issues, we’ve got you. And even after your website is up and running, we’ll still be there, keeping things smooth and efficient like a well-oiled machine. So, sit back and relax. Your website’s in Shplum hands.

our web design services

take a look at our web design menu and let us know what you’re in the mood for:

web design

Visually stunning, user-friendly websites that perfectly encapsulate your brand’s essence. Our custom web designs are tailored to resonate with your target audience and drive conversions. With web design, we’ve gotta be versatile, nimble, and creative, and we bring all of that to the table no matter the client: plumbers, home developers, cafes, comedians, influencers – we get creative with just about everyone and everything.

website redesign
and revamp

If your existing website is in need of a makeover, you’re in luck! We brought lipstick AND mascara! Our team can rejuvenate your website’s appearance and functionality, breathing new life into your online presence. We’ll analyze your current site, identify some areas where it could improve, and implement changes to enhance user experience and overall performance.

e-commerce web design

Because we take online shopping very, very seriously. Our E-commerce website solutions are designed to not just delight your customer, but also to facilitate seamless online transactions, providing a secure and user-friendly shopping experience. We integrate popular payment gateways and work with popular shopping carts like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

landing page design

Our team specializes in creating high-converting landing pages that drive leads and sales. With a strong focus on persuasive design elements and compelling calls-to-action, our landing pages are designed to optimize conversion rates and boost your bottom line.

where do we go from here?

join us for a little web design journey:


It all starts with open and honest communication. We’re here to answer your questions and listen to your needs, pain-points, wildest dreams – and of course, your budget requirements. We use all of this to build a custom proposal with a pricing package that best suits your goals.


When you’re ready to get started, we design a website mockup with content and website copy uniquely inspired by your brand goals. This is a chance for you to review the look, feel, and flow of your website before we start building it.


Once you’re happy with the design mockup, we build your website in Wordpress on a test domain to ensure full functionality before the website goes live. After thorough back-end and front-end testing, we migrate your website to your website domain, hosted directly on our web server.


Once your website is live, we optimize your website with SSL licensing, security, basic SEO, and any necessary plugins to set your website up for continued success.

let’s figure out what makes your budget happy.

the basic shplum

starting at $2,500

For when you just need a simple website that gets the point across. This is ideal for small businesses, startups, podcasters, whatever.

the pro shplum

starting at $3,750

For when you need some advanced features and functionality.

the superior shplum

starting at $5,000

For when you’re a business with complex needs and high-traffic websites.

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our work

laguna east

e-commerce website
Shplum collaborated with laguna east to build its brand from the ground up with a new logo, e-commerce website design, and custom content.

paula pundstone

podcast hub + e-commerce website
We created a whimsical zany hub where visitors can listen to the podcast, learn more about the show, and truly embrace the “nobody” lifestyle by shopping for podcast-related merch in our online store.

harbaugh custom homes

home developer website
Our web design team revitalized Harbaugh Custom Homes’ website, creating a modern, user-friendly space that effortlessly showcases the steps involved in crafting their exquisite dream homes, providing an immersive experience for visitors.