web hosting

with a reliable team

We poured our hearts and souls into your web design, so there’s no way we’re going to let it fade away like a summer fling. We’ve got something special here, and we’re committed to nurturing it with fully managed, reliable, fast, and secure hosting. And we’re going to do it all ourselves with servers located in the good ol’ US of A and system admins based right here on our home turf. So sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting of keeping your website speedy and secure.

why host with shplum?

we’re on it

So you’ve got a speedy site with 99.9% uptime. Good for you. But let’s face it – life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes even the most solid websites can take a little tumble. That’s why it’s good to keep an eye on thingsall the time. And why should you have to do that? You have a business to run! Here’s where Shplum comes in. We watch over your website around the clock (We actually never blink. Blinking’s for the weak.), and we’re ready to swoop in and fix anything that goes wrong. With our fully managed website hosting services, you can have all the fun while we handle all the tech stuff.

our hosting’s
built for speed

We want your users to have a good time on your website and stay on your website. So we want it to perform well and by well, we mean FAST. We’re able to accomplish this because our hosting platform is based right here in the US, and it’s running on NGINX and the latest modern hardware and storage.

we take
security seriously

What can we say… maybe we’re a little over-protective, but we want to keep your data safe. To do this, we have a robust security system in place with a web application firewall, Let’s Encrypt SSL, DDoS mitigation, and WordPress hardening. On top of that, we are consistently managing your website’s theme and plugin updates to crack down on any vulnerabilities. And in case of the unpredictable disasters, we automate daily website backups to a separate server. We’ve got you covered from all angles so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

our hosting packages

we’ve got a lil somethin’ for everyone

the standard package

everything you need for a great website

Speed: Fast DNS, HTTP-2, NGINX

Security: SSL, WAF, WordPress Hardening

Reliability: 24/7 monitoring, Distributed Backups, Plugin Updates

Compliance solutions: Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy compliance

Website Updates: 1 hour per month of requested cosmetic or content updates

starting at

$300.00 / month

the custom package

For the more complex websites. Maybe your website needs to be resource-intensive, mission-critical, membership-based, or maybe you have an online store. Whatever it is, we can host and maintain it with our custom solutions.

the techy stuff:

Advanced SSL solutions (EV SSL, OV SLL, DV SSL)
Proxy DNS
Hourly backups
Advanced Web Application Firewall
Custom business email solutions (Microsoft Exchange, 365 and more)
Premium CDN
SEO services